An increasingly green Rodeo

The Ayers Cliff Rodeo is now implementing many procedures in order to protect the environment.

Recycling & composting
  • You will find waste sorting, composting and recycling stations located in strategic locations throughout the site.
  • The dishes used during the meals organized by the Ayers Cliff rodeo are 100% compostable.
  • To minimize the use of plastic water bottles on site, each volunteer will receive a free Ayers Cliff Rodeo branded water bottle upon their arrival.
  • The water bottles will also be sold on site for those who would like to buy one.
  • Our 2017 program will be available online in pdf format; Consult it as often as you wish
Water for everyone
  • Always with the aim of minimizing the waste associated to water bottles, a water fountain will be made available for you to fill up your bottles completely free of charge.
You too; Do your part!
  • Think before throwing something away. Choose the best option among our sorting stations which are located strategically around the site, which allow you to either recycle, throw away or compost
  • Get your reusable bottle to avoid buying and using plastic water bottles. This reusable bottle is also a great souvenir to bring home with you! Prioritize carpooling to get to Ayer’s Cliff. Please send us your comments and suggestions by emailing us at info@rodeoayerscliff.com
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