Cloé Tardif

Age: 19 years

City: Plessisville

Meet Cloé Tardif! Cloé has been singing the national anthem in a few rodeos since 2019, in addition to being the official singer of the hockey team Le Métal Pless de Plessisville for 2 years. She has also been doing a few shows since she was very young and would be happy to sing the national anthem to the festival-goers of the Ayer’s Cliff Rodeo as well as to her cowboy and cowgirl friends that she meets all summer long!

Émily Boisclair

Age: 14 years

City: Sherbrooke

Meet Emily Boisclair! Emily is a big fan of singing, horse riding, country dancing and above all… Western festivals! Emily has already participated in a few singing shows in recent years. “I may not be very tall, but challenges don’t scare me and with all my energy!” It would be an honor for Emily to be able to present the national anthem at the Ayer’s Cliff Rodeo.

Jennifer Bellerose

Age: 16 years

City: Sherbrooke

Meet Jennifer Bellerose! Jennifer began performing national anthems when she was 10 years old. Her career has allowed her to live great experiences across Canada and the USA. Indeed, she had the chance to perform Canadian and American anthems in major events such as the NHL, MLB, LHJMQ and CFL. In September 2019, she had the chance to sing the national anthem at the Rodéo de St-Tite during the PBR! This event allowed her to discover rodeos, and she fell in love with the Rodeo community!

Marie-Juliette Proteau

Age: 13 years

City: Sherbrooke

Meet Marie-Juliette Proteau! A music, song and dance lover! Marie-Juliette Proteau is passionate about all forms of arts with the capital “A”. This young pianist and singer wants to live from her passion. Aged 13, she was the youngest performer of the national anthem at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières last August, kicking off the Trois-Rivières event. She was also the interpreter during all the Football Vert & Or games this fall. This winter, she will also sing at some Phoenix games. It is with great pride that Marie-Juliette would trade the horsepower of the GP3R for participation in the famous Rodeo of Ayer’s Cliff!

Melissa Côté

Age: 42 years

City: Richmond

Melissa have been singing for many years and tried out for many local competitions including going to La Voix twice. She sang the National anthem at a few local hockey games before but she has never sang at a rodeo so this would be a first for her. The main reason she is trying out is for her son Tyler who is a huge rodeo fan! He would be absolutely thrilled to see his mum singing at the Ayers Cliff Rodeo and to attend this event!

Myriam Ménard

Age: 22 years

City: Sherbrooke

Meet Myriam Menard! An extremely dynamic woman who loves country dancing! Myriam has been singing since she was 3 or 4 years old and was also singing in a choir for 8 years. She is currently studying teaching at the Université de Sherbrooke.

Rosany Fauteux

Age: 20 years

City: Barnston

Meet Rosany Fauteux! Her video was made for the Dynamiques series in Coaticook 2 years ago. Rosany loved the experience and would love to take on the challenge of singing the national anthem at the rodeo in June! Rosany loves being involved in her city and she is full of energy! It would be a pleasure for her to be able to introduce her voice to the public, as well as to cowboys and cowgirls!