A greener rodeo!

For a few years now, the Ayer’s Cliff Rodeo has been implementing many actions to protect the environment and to reduce the amount of waste.

Here are some examples:

Recycle & Compost

  • You will find waste sorting, composting and recycling stations strategically located on the festival site.
  • The dishes served during the dinners organized by the Ayer’s Cliff Rodeo are 100% compostable.

Reducing waste

  • In order to minimize water bottles on the site, each volunteer receives a free water bottle with the Ayer’s Cliff Rodeo logo upon arrival on the site.
  • Water bottles will also be available for purchase on site for those who wish to purchase them.
  • Our 2018 program will be available online in .pdf format; come and consult it as often as you like.

Water for everyone

In an effort to minimize water bottle waste, a water kiosk is available where you can fill your bottles and water bottles for free. Bring your bottle with you!

You too can do your part!

  • Think before you throw and choose the best option among our islands. These are strategically located throughout the site and allow you to recycle, throw away or compost.
  • Get your own reusable water bottle to avoid buying and using water bottles. Plus, it’s a souvenir to take home with you!
  • Prioritize carpooling to Ayer’s Cliff.
  • Send us your comments and suggestions by email.