A show that respects animals

In this time of media coverage and stance on rodeos, it is important for us to share our opinion on the subject. It is therefore with a great desire to educate the population on the underbelly of the extreme sport of rodeo and its disciplines that we would like to take a few minutes to tell you more about the show that we present during our festival.

Certainly, some rodeo disciplines may not be well received by the general population because of the preconceived notions that are attached to them. Some believe that bulls are tied up by their testicles in order to put on a show like this. Others believe that they are beaten in order to perform in the arena. The truth is quite different.

Therefore, in a desire to educate the population, the Ayer’s Cliff Rodeo has set up a blog with a lot of information in order to talk more about the disciplines of rodeo and what is behind this sport.

Animal lovers

We believe that everything starts with education; if you’ve ever been around a cowboy or cowgirl or anyone else who is remotely involved in the business, you’ve probably noticed that they are all animal lovers. These animals are fed better than most horses or bulls and can be raised in the field. These people dedicate their lives to these animals. For them, these animals are not only a mount; they also act as team members.

The ways of doing things have evolved greatly since the early days of the sport. For all those who have questions about animal welfare, we would like to redirect you to a document on the subject that was produced by the Festival Western de St-Tite, a pioneer in the field for 50 years now. You will find a lot of information that will answer many questions, access the document by clicking here.

A professional show

Keep in mind that the Ayer’s Cliff Rodeo was created by animal lovers to present a professional show.

The animals you see in the rodeo arena are all under the care of professional veterinarians and none of these animals compete at the slightest sign of weakness. The Ayer’s Cliff Rodeo surrounds itself with qualified personnel in order to present a professional show to its festivalgoers that meets their expectations.